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List of Calculations

Kala has extensive calculations, as you can see below. Best of all, Kala is the only Jyotish software that calculates Planetary War, Combustion, Vara, Hora, Vyatipata, Vaidhriti and Sankranti according to the Surya Siddhanta, Varahamihira and other classical astronomy texts. Furthermore, Kala is the only Vedic Astrology software with extensive Muhurta calculations and the only software to program the entirety of mathematical techniques from Brihat Parashara Hora Shastra. Kala is thus the premier software for studying and practicing Classical Vedic Astrology.

On a more modern note: Kala has the most accurate planetary calculations, thanks to the extremely accurate Swiss Ephemeris - which is an astrologically designed version of the most accurate NASA JPL ephemeris. Kala is thus the most accurate software available to the Vedic Astrologer. Kala is able to calculate planets perfectly accurately for modern days, but also most accurately all the way from 5400 BC to 5400 AD, as compared to many other software which begin to show significant errors even when calculating only 150 years back.

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Calculations Performed by KALA 2023


Astrological Fertility

Ayanas and Sankrantis

Bhava Charts

Rasi Dasas

Chara (Jaimini) Karakas - both seven and eight Karaka Schemes

Chandra Kriyas, Chadra Velas, and Chandra Avasthas - as per Phaladeepika

Combustion of Planets - only software that calculates this phenomenon correctly in accordance with Surya Siddhanta and Varahamihira.


Nakshatra Dasas

Other Dasas


Sudarshana Chakra

Doomadi Upagrahas.

Gulikaadi Upagrahas

Jaimini Strengths

Mandi & Yamasukra

Mundane Astrology Calculations (for predicting world events)

Fatal Degrees - "Mrityubhaga" - for all Vargas.

Time Factors

Special Lagnas

Parashara's Mathematical Astrology Calculations

Pindaadi Ayurdaya Calculations for Longevity

Nakshatra, Pada, Nakshatra Lord and Sub-lord down to five levels.

Outer Planets - Pluto, Uranus and Neptune, Toggle On and Off with a push of the F8 Key.

Padas for all Vargas

Planetary Aspects - with exact aspectual value in Virupas for all the 16 Vargas

Prashna Points

Varshaphala Calculations

Shad Bala

Shayanaadi Avasthas with Cheshta, Viceshta, and Drishti - calculated for all Vargas

Sudarshana Chakra

Dimba Chakra

Sani Chakra

Astronomical calculations for the Planets

Tara - Janma, Sampat, etc. nakshatras. and full Tara Tables

Planetary Transits

Progressions, both Converse and Direct


Residential Strength

Full interactive Panchanga

Full interactive Ephemeris