Readings with Ernst Wilhelm

The majority of my time is devoted to research and teaching and so the time available for my doing readings is limited. At this time I have no time avaialable for readings at all. I am currently delving into new research areas of predictive astrology and I am burried too deep to come out and do readings as my head is lost in the research and during that I have difficulty coming out and giving good readings. So please contact one of my well trained students at Find an Astrologer who are focused on doing readings and so will do a much better job for you at this time than I will.

I also have several Astrology & How to Live videos on youtube that I strongly reccomend to you, especially if we are unable to schedule a reading for one reason or another - Watching these videos may help you solve some of your problems.

Astrology How to Live Video #1: Astrology, the Perfect Philosophy

Astrology How to Live Video #2: Astrology, Fate and Freewill

Astrology How to Live Video #3: Embracing Fate, a Way to Power

More Astrology How to Live Videos are coming...

To learn more about what takes place during an astrology reading and the many things that can be done with astrology, please see these videos:

Devaprashna #1: Consulting the Gods - What happens during an Astrology Reading

Devaprashna #2: Sattva, Rajas and Tamas use of Astrology

Devaprashna #3: What can be done with Vedic Astrology

For more on the topic of fate and freewill please watch this video: