Gems, Jyotish and Minerals

Gems, crystals and minerals all have healing properties as well as other properties to benefit our life. In ancient as well as modern India gems were considered a great boon Man and were given mythological origin. At the time of the available ancient writings (500-700 AD) only 20-30 gems/minerals had been named. Currently over 7,000 minerals have been discovered, many, many of which may be worn as gems with healing properties. Gem therapy is, therefore, a vast science. Fortunately, astrology comes to the rescue - through the looking glass of astrology the effect of any gem or crystal can be determined and gems and crystals can be recommended to benefit an individual's health and life in accordance with various timing systems of Vedic Astrolgoy.

In this course I will cover the following pertinent subjects relevant to recommending gems and crystals:

  1. What the Old Books say about Gems.
  2. How Modern Astrologers use Gems.
  3. The true Vastness of Gem Therapy
  4. Colors and Astrology
  5. Mineralogy and Gemology, how it applies to Astrology.
  6. Important Vargas for ecommending gemstones.
  7. How do determine the astrological effect of any gem or crystal.
  8. How to recommend gemstones and crystals.
  9. Gemstones and timing systems.
  10. How to wear gemstones and crystals.
  11. Castes of gems.

In this course you will learn how to determine the astrological effects of any gem and how to choose a gem to help an individual - whatever their trouble may be. Best of all, you will learn about the very large world of helpful gems and crystals that are available to us and which can dramatically help. We will not restrict ourselves to the benefits of the 9 expensive precious gems which many people can just not afford, you will learn how any available gem or cystal can be helpful, even crystals that only cost 5-10 dollars. In fact, depending on the chart, a 10 dollar gem may well do a person better than the 5,000 dollar ruby, sapphire or diamond.

This Gems and Jyotish course consists of five 2-hour astrology classes, manual and all class charts. Available as MP3 Download:

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