Vedic Astrology Relationship Compatibility

In this course we will cover the full spectrum of the ancient Vedic method of Compatibility. These are great techniques that are amongst the oldest techniques available in Vedic Astrology - which make them amongst the best. These techniques have been scourged throughout India and are now available complete for the first time.

Precompatiblity Determining each persons capacity to relate in a healthy manner. Some important classical Yogas will be discussed in this class that have a huge bearing on a person being able to have a good relationship or not. Also, determining each persons sexual nature.

Strii Diirgha, Ashta Kutas and Mahendra the ingredients for a good relationship.

Doshas Vedha Dosha, Rajju Dosha and Kuja Dosha, the three blemishes that ruin relationships.

Upaskaras a few extras that can embellish a relationships.

Seven Planet Compatibility Using the Vedic method of compatibility to compare all of the Planets.

Varna Compatiblity Ancient Vedic compatibility based on the first name.

Prashna Specific techniques of marital/relationship Prashna, to determine the results of the relationship. Prashna is the art of reading the chart for the moment that a person asks about their compatibility.

This is a complete course, all you need to know to do relationship compatibility. These are all the techniques I use in my practice.

This Jyotish course consists of eleven 2-hour astrology classes, two extensive manuals, all class charts and self-check homework. Available as MP3 Download:

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"I am astounded by the accuracy and precision of these techniques. My wife and I spent 6 hours and were up until 3 am last night going thru charts (she is a marriage and family therapist and I sometimes consult with her clients). We were able to review many charts from my client files and given a knowledge of the relationship history we were able to accurately describe the interactions strengths and weaknesses right down to many of the details of mahendra, vasya, bha, nadis, stree dirga, rajju, etc. We also used it to describe many other types of relationships using all the planets both personal and professional and found it to be insightful and almost unfailingly accurate. She was so excited, I don't think she fell asleep until 4:30AM. I can not wait for your book on this to come out. I have used many other compatibility techniques with some success, but the richness of insight that this provides is unsurpassed in my experience. With extreme appreciation for your detailed research."
- DB & SB.