Vault of the Heavens

Classical Parashari Astrology Principles

by Ernst Wilhelm

Ernst Wilhelm's classic text on Parashari Astrology now back in print as an eBook
Vault of the heavens

Vault of the Heavens covers all the classical Parashari Astrology principles: Bhavas, Rasis, Vargas, Nakshatras, Dasas, Avasthas, Combustion, Relationships, Houses, Conjunctions, Raja Yogas, Yoga Karakas, Navamsa, Dispositors, Shad Bala, Vimshottari Dasa, Subha/Asubha/Misra Yogas, House Lords in Houses, Judging the Horoscope, Developmental Qualaties of the Planets, special chapters on Rahu, Ketu and Saturn, plus more. Vault of the Heavens has been considered the most informative astrological text that deals with a variety of subjects written with the depth that is typical of all of Ernst Wilhelm's writings.

Vault of the Heavens has been out of print since 2004 and dealers on are asking 250.00-999.00 for it, so it is now available here as en eBook so that the demand for it can be met affordably.

This book comes as a pdf document which can be used on any computer and on all eBook readers as well.

Vault of the Heavens
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