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Here you will find both beginner and advanced courses that focus on Yogas.


Astrology of Character


In this course we will explore some of the ancient methods of determining character and psychology from the horoscope:

This Jyotish course consists of seven 2-hour astrology classes, extensive manual and all class charts. Available as MP3 Download:

Download MP3 Course 483 MB 40.00


Parivartana Yogas & Final Dispositors

Parivartana Yogas, or interchange between two house lords, indicate very important lifelong themes. These are very important, yet simple to understand and apply, Yogas that when present always indicate something that can very much help or hinder the life of the individual. Following final dispositors also reveals such themes, though themes of lesser importance. In this course I will teach how to use both Parivartana Yogas and final dispositors to find the important themes in the chart as well as in any Varga charts.

This course consists of 7 hours of astrology classes along with a manual and charts. Course is available as MP3 Download:

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Also available on video at


Parashara's Formula for Yoga Judgment

In this course I teach how to analyze Yogas using the mathematical principles from Brihat Parashara Hora Shastra. Not all Yogas are created equal and it is the strengths of the planets that determine this. One of my favorite things that I cover in this course is the mysterious Nature of House Lords, how planets become benefic or malefic based on the Lagna in the chart. Using these principles you can determine the greatness of a person and see if they are more active in Artha (material wellbeing), Kama (desire), Dharma, or Moksha (freedom from material living.) In this course I will cover:

Parashara's 144 Bhava Yogas.

Nature of House Lords

Angle and Trine Yoga Karakas

Artha Yogas for acquiring wealth, Moksha Yogas for spirituality, Dharma Yogas for inspiration and greatness and Kama Yogas for fulfilling desires.

Vipareet Yogas - or how evil planets can become a great thing in your chart.

Karaka Yogas

How to Evaluate the important named Yogas such as Gajekesari Yoga, Parijitha Yoga, Sri Kantha Yoga, etc.

Ishta & Kastha, Subha and Asubha Dignities and Dig Bala to evaluate the strength of a Yoga.

This course is approximately 35 hours long and thus a very complete course after which you will be able to make a reading of a horoscope using Yogas. Course includes an extensive ebook manual and digital copies of all the charts used in the class.

Download MP3 Course 1.2 GB 108.00
Also available on video at



Tajika Aspects and Parashara's Mutual Yoga Karakas

This is both a psychological and predicting success course. Dependentent upon certain Tajika Aspects an individual suffers psychological tension. This tension will either cause them to suffer a lot of dissapointment, or they may raise above it and make a greater success of thier lives. Its Parashara's Mutual Yoga Kararakas that reveal this. 

This is the same course I taught on video at, now available as MP3 Download:

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Also available on video at