Astrology - The Eyes of the Veda

All things in the universe operate under the sanction of God's Laws. The deep study of anything, whether it is mathematics, language, music, physics, botany or swordplay, brings about an understanding of God - of God as in active principle in creation. Thus study, when performed out of devotion, serves to spiritualize the consciousness of man. Astrology is known as the "Eyes of the Vedas" due to it being the study that more quickly than any other helps to spiritualize the consciousness of man and help him to see, or realize, the Veda, the supreme truth. No other study develops the intelligence and understanding more so than does the study of astrology. (Only active meditation is more effective in doing so.) Thus for those of intellectual bent, the study of Vedic Astrology has much to offer. In my opinion, it is only for this reason that astrology becomes the most worthwhile pursuit. An individual who understands the principles of astrology, easily grasps the principles of all other things and is truly an individual of knowledge.

Sri Yuktesvar was considered a Jnana Avatara - an Incarnation of Wisdom. Sri Yuktesvar, who studied all things through the lens of Jyotish, is an ideal example to follow for those whose goal it is to realize the depth of understanding that astrology offers. He even studied the process of Yoga, as explained in the Bhagavad Gita, through the lens of astrology. (To see his astrological insights into the Gita and life, please see his Biography and Gita translation available for free at