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If you are yourself studying astrology, then if you learn the scientific techniques as are available on this site, you can be your own best Vedic astrologer. Many astrologers like to say that you can't read your own chart, because it is hard to be objective. And that is true - if your readings are based on your perceptive ability and not scientific techniques. If, however, you are following scientific techniques, you can. I myself have predicted the very day that I met my wife, the color of the house I ended up buying as well as the circumstances surrounding the sale and the direction of the move, the time of a severe accident, and numerous other things. So I would advise you to Learn to Be Your own Best Astrologer. If you do, you will have the proper time to make a thorough study of your horoscope.

Until you get to the point in your studies of being able to practice reliable techniques, or if you are not studying astrology, here you will find several competent Vedic astrologers that follow the principles and techniques that I teach and I recommend any and all of them to you for your consultation.

Levi Cosijn

Located in Belgium

Available by internet (Skype or Zoom)

I have been drawn to the metaphysical since early on and started exploring it more seriously during my formal years. I wanted to experience for myself and find out whether there was any validity in what the culture I grew up in had such great resistance towards, often ridiculed and even demonised. I studied Psychology at University for some time and I was particularly fascinated by the writings of Carl Jung. I am a fervent reader of his writings. I switched over to Music studies in which I received an M.A. When I was studying at the Music Conservatory in 2002 my brother invited me to a workshop that turned out to be an occult ceremony. I had been interested in the subject for some time and was rather surprised to hear that there were people performing ceremonies in the country I lived. I didn't know what to expect and I felt nervously excited. The ceremony was led by a woman who had lived for many years in the closed Crow Creek Reservation of the Hunkpati-clan in South-Dakota, and had been initiated there. This experience instantly and completely changed my life. Somewhere along that time frame I discovered the writings of Alice A. Bailey during a travel in India. Bailey was a contemporary of Jung and wrote a number of books on occult subjects like full moon meditation, the nature of the soul, etc. My attention gradually shifted more to the practice of meditation. In 2006 astrology found me and gradually but surely revealed its secrets and powerful message. I consider myself privileged to have been a student of KN Rao. After having spent some time with him at the school for Hindu astrology: 'Bharatiya Vidya Bhawan' in New Delhi, my knowledge increased and my predictive skills improved substantially. It was after this period I decided to devote myself much more seriously to the study of astrology. I constantly learn from Ernst Wilhelm whom I consider one of the most erudite scholars of our time on the subject of Vedic astrology. His astronomical understanding, endless research and technical savvy has helped me tremendously in improving my astrological skills, and becoming a more conscious person. I offer readings and teach astrology to students who are eager to learn about this amazingly mysterious, complex and powerful Yoga. I take examining a chart very seriously and I analyse questions people ask me wholeheartedly. Please allow some time for scheduling a Skype session up to several weeks in advance. I do not deliver written horoscopes. All readings are done via Zoom or Skype, or are audio recorded (mp3).


Located in the United States



One of the nicest things about a chart reading is receiving guidance that serves who you are as an individual and what you need to hear at that moment in time. With this in mind, I combine a plethora of techniques to arrive at concrete answers to your questions and intuitive work to guide me to what message you need to hear the most. I've been studying astrology for 10 years and have a special interest in medical astrology, jaimini, and looking at the chart in terms of the soul's evolution.


Karen WhiteKaren White

Located in Southern California

Available by phone or Skype.


Phone: 714-754-6443

Using the wonderfully accurate Vedic astrology techniques I've learned from Ernst as well as the technique of western Horary astrology, here is a short list of what astrology can do for you: 

1. Give you perspective - where you are in the context of your life.

2. Astrological information (timing & other planetary forms of support) to assist you in making important decisions.

3. Evaluate career indications and what is most likely to bring you success and fulfillment, and any other innate skills & abilities you could benefit by developing for career, or as a vocation on the side. 

4. Assess your love and marriage karmas to have the best relationships possible (including what to do about any behaviors and/or attitudes that are blocking love in your life). Or you may have wondered if you'd be much happier being single (if so, your chart will indicate this in more than one way).

5.  Determine best types of practices for faster, deeper spiritual growth and personal development. 

7. Answer your personal, urgent questions about nearly anything under the Sun using Horary astrology. 

I'll also make recommendations to help with negative planetary significations (the 25% you CAN influence), including gemstones if applicable, Bach Flowers, mantras, specific planetary journaling assignments, books, referrals to coaches, therapists, other astrologers, dietary suggestions, and more.

I believe the Divine has given us the gift of astrology to help light our way in this life, to encourage us, comfort us, and ultimately to empower us to be who we truly are! 

 Corey Dowds

Located in Charleston, SC

Available by phone or internet.

Phone: 843-991-2786

Vedic Astrology is called the "Eye of the Veda", or the lens with which we perceive the eternal Truth in our own life. It is a way to see and understand how our life path is unfolding, and to understand and make peace with it, or make the proper changes to alter it. Thanks to the hard work of astrologers like Ernst Wilhelm, and the advent of computer programs, Astrology is now undergoing a huge scientific renaissance. Now that we have more scientifically repeatable techniques and understanding, we have a stronger foundation for an objective understanding of horoscopy, as well as a better foundation for our subconscious mind to operate from. It is an exciting time to be practicing astrology. Please visit my site to get an idea of different readings that I offer.


Ayla Thor

Located in Romania

Available by phone or skype.

I have been helping people in one way or another all my life, using an array of tools developed from my studies personal experiences. Come for a reading with me if you are sick of suffering. I get to the core of what makes you sick and miserable. I aim to wake you up to your Truth. No matter the situation you are currently going through I will use different spiritual methods and occult tools (cards of truth and astrological principles) to help you see what stands between you and your happiness. I also offer health and nutritional advice as neccessary.



Himanshu Garg

Located in India

Phone: +1(916)-280-0096 (USA); +9170147-51415 ( India)

Email: Email Himanshu

I am born in India the land of Sanatan Dharma where great Ṛṣi were born. I am practicing astrology for many years now to the fullest satisfaction of all concerned. Although a post graduate in Science from a highly reputed university of North West India but zeal and passion to serve society drove me to this profession. I had fortune to be a student many eminent teachers. The most revered astrologer of my region” Pt. Vijender Shastri “with a philanthropic aptitude helped me lot in refining my prediction making skills and developing the similar philanthropic mind set. Then I had the fortune to learn from Śrī. Ernst Wilhem who refined all my journey in a technical and research oriented form. Teachings of Śrī. Ernst Wilhem had a very deep impact on me and shaped my predictions. All my readings involve lot of hard work and the application of a high level of expertise which includes Vedic remedies to deal with major/ minor issues and to gain more positivity in life. I can help you in your:

Career: Be it choosing a profession for yourself or be it how you will excel in your job. Predicting big career opportunities that may come your way and how to get them.

Relationships: Be it determining the perfect time to get married or be it astrological match making. If things are not working your way in your relationship, I can help you by giving remedies which can be as easy as making few lifestyle changes to wearing gemstone or chanting a mantra.

Life: By advising you the right course of action which can make a big impact spiritually, psychologically and help you distress. To handle any uncertain situation.

Financials: By advising you on the time when your finances or luck will change, we can do the right remedies for better finances.

Horary Astrology: Whatever they might be, using Horary Astrology (Praśna), I can give you the right solutions of any kind of question. This particular branch of astrology is invaluable.

Yogesh Lohra

Located in India

Phone: +91 9819546091

Email: Email Yogesh

Hello, I am Yogesh Lohra, and I live in Mumbai, India, a country of Vedic traditions and customs,it was only in 2011 that I developed a keen interest in Astrology. As I started studying this ‘Divine Art’, with every progress, it raised more and more questions within me. And my curiosity kept increasing. I was keenly looking for a Guru who could guide me and provide a scientific insight into the vast subject of astrology. In 2013, I chanced upon (after a few blips) Ernst Wilhelm through a YouTube video; One of the best from the west. Since then its been great learning curve and life has never remained same My goal is to help my clients at various junctures of their life to figure out what is their innate dharma and soul path and how their life path is likely to unfold with some ups and downs of life? What will help them and what will distract them what they should avoid or ignore (complete root cause analysis) Life events are fixed (one who is born will go, and in between, we exist). And we cannot change it even if we go to an astrologer. But, having known some of the strengths and weaknesses of our soul, mind, and body will help us how we respond and react to life events and how inspiring we are towards our life goals. Our actions (Mental and physical both) will define who we are as human beings, so let us celebrate this life to its fullest and make it more purposeful, and if you need my help to do that, I am there for you. Finally , being a student of astrology, I firmly believe that the Divine has given us the gift of astrology. I call it light on life through the eyes of Vedas to help us navigate our life path with a mix of our fate (75%) and free will (25%), and which one and in what portion you leverage is what makes every individual different from the other.

Suzan Smadi

Available by phone or internet

Phone: 347-674-9997

Hello! My name is Suzan Smadi. Welcome to my world, where Empowered Awareness leads to Authentic Restoration. My mission is to empower you with deep insights, which you need to live in natural alignment. The focus is on natural healing and supporting the body with holistic wellness.  

I always knew that I had to answer a higher calling of healing and helping others to live in greater peace. It became apparent when I had a near-death experience at the age of 5 that my life was meant to be of service by restoring others and myself to our true divine nature. I love to bring in a shift of perspective and catalyze true transformation because I’ve had many transformations in my life. I tried being what I thought was “normal” for a few years and completed college getting a BA in psychology. After receiving my graduate degree, I was guided to follow my true calling by embracing my spiritual gifts to be in service. Higher Self/Source always knows best!  

When I was 4, I told my mom that I wanted to be an astrologer; she scoffed while informing me that astrology wasn’t a profession. Well, guess what?! IT IS!!! It took years for me to decondition from that early experience. However, I was always avidly studying occult subjects throughout those years, regardless of the fact that it wasn’t nurtured at home. I was the kid that had my eyes looking up at the heavens finding meaning in the Stars, and then looking down as I studied ancient texts. My mom was made aware of the power of these occult subjects when I was 11 and began my path as a guide. She heard from her colleagues at school that I provided them with insights by reading their palms and tarot cards. Although I began my astrological path by studying the western system, I jumped into the Jyotish Chariot in 2017; and by 2019 I was immersed in this golden world. Additionally, I research and practice Human Design and other systems.  

As a Projector with emotional authority, I am here to bring in the awareness of Spirit by mastering emotions. Having a 4/6 profile and the Right Angle Cross of Explanation makes my mission to inform and explain for others to improve life. That goes well with having a Virgo moon Lagna Lord! The key for Projectors is to wait for the invitation, and having the 43-23 Channel of Structuring is tricky since the information may be too foreign for the time. That goes in line with having my AtmaKaraka in Krittika, which loves to cut through the weeds. So now that you have a sense of me, I invite you to reach out and connect with me if you’re ready for transformation!  

Jesse Smith

Located in the United States

Phone: 319-929-1254

Email: Email Jesse

Hi, my name is Jesse Dean Smith and I am a student of Vedic Astrology and I am an Astrological Counselor. I began my astrological studies in 2015 at the age of 27, the beginning of the great Saturn return! At first, I was seeking counsel to help make sense of my life, and it turned into a discovery of inspiration to study and understand myself and this fascinating art and science of Vedic-Astrology. As a student and practitioner of Astrology, my aim is to understand myself. As an Astrological Counselor, it’s my aim to help guide others in understanding and discovering themselves. There are endless possibilities available with Astrology, from predicting events, medicine/healing, relationship compatibility, understanding one’s strengths and skills, and timing of significant events in our lives. However, my focus and passion is centered around career and character astrology, and with that, understanding one’s habits and behaviors that support or hinder ourselves.


Located in Canada

Available by video conferencing (Zoom)


Balrāj is a yogin, astrologer, and hypnotist. His approach to yoga is existential (not metaphysical). His approach to astrology is psycho-spiritual (not predictive). And his approach to hypnosis is conversational (not traditional).

Balrāj received his initial astrological training from a respected South Indian family of paṇḍits spanning several generations. Balrāj received the title of Yoga Vidyā and his Diploma in Yoga from Annamalai University. He received a BA (Hons) and MSc (Oxon) studying South Asia and India respectively. He then obtained an MA in philosophy, defending his thesis on phenomenological method. He now uses psycho-spiritual astrology and conversational hypnosis to help foster self-awareness and facilitate personal transformation in those looking to establish deeper connection with themselves (and live more grounded, spiritual, and deeply meaningful lives).

The basis of Balrāj’s approach is found in the basic problem of suffering as conceived in classical eastern spiritual traditions: we crave a sense of wholeness/completeness that would permanently eliminate our inner sense of lack/anxiety/fear, so we can finally be “at peace”, never compelled to strive for anything ever again. We want to rid ourselves of the feeling that “there’s something wrong with me” or “I’m not enough/complete”. And to obtain this sense of feeling “complete”, we pursue whatever we think will give us permanent emotional/psychological/material/social security (e.g., financial freedom, bulletproof mental health, the undying love/loyalty of a partner, fame/recognition, enlightenment, etc.).  

But our desire to find permanent security actually *reinforces* the basic sense of lack/anxiety that we’re trying to eliminate. Our personal suffering is just a product of the habits we’ve inherited and developed in the process of managing/avoiding (and trying to eliminate) the discomfort of being incomplete. Our separate self feels vulnerable and in constant need of protection, and this motivates deep, habitual *self-interested* ways of perceiving, acting, thinking, and feeling (that we simply cannot “turn off” using our will). But *freedom is unavailable to those who remain imprisoned by themselves*. Freedom demands openness, and openness demands that we face our painful emotions, unwanted thoughts, and—perhaps most importantly—our (pre-conscious) self-interested motivations. And in becoming aware of these pre-reflective, habitual modes of being, there is opportunity for re-habituation and *connecting with—realizing—our “true” self* (and experiencing all that this entails).  

To do this work requires our active and conscious participation as we turn to confront ourselves. Awareness and courage are enough, and grace—which cannot be produced by our will—is a welcome bonus. Of course, this work is not for the faint of heart: transformation is not optional, but who/what we become is ultimately not up to us.  


Caroline Reis

Located in United States

Available by phone or skype.

Phone: 714-605-9564


I’ve been studying astrology since my Jupiter maturation age (15 to 16 years old) and now it has been 10 + years that I’ve been studying and researching the subject. The first time I saw an astrological chart was around 8 or 9 years old and I remember being consumed with curiosity at that moment. I’ve always been interested in spiritual topics from as early as I can remember, and I’ve had plenty of spiritual experiences that help me counsel people when reading a chart. Psychology is a very important part of astrology as well and I’ve dedicated 5 years of my life in college studying this very important topic. I like to use Vedic Astrology methods with tropical zodiac for predictions and sidereal nakshatras (lunar mansions) for personality insights. In addition, I found useful to use life in general as means of communication (omens) and I’m influenced by Carl Jung’s ideas about archetypes and the language of the subconscious mind (dreams and symbolisms) which I like to integrate with the whole picture for a better perspective. I’ve also been reading Cards of Truth since 2018 and tarot cards since 2015 and I found them to be very useful, enlightening, and accurate over the years.  

Mirela Szabo

Located in Romania

Available by phone or internet

Phone: 40-737-932-465

I consider Astrology to be the wholesome science that harmoniously links Astronomy, Mathematics, Physics, Spirituality, Divine, Philosophy, Art, Psychology, Health and Well Being. Astrology allowed me to find my purpose, to experience and to understand the complexities of life in a whole new way. It inspires and it amazes me every single day. I am so happy to humbly continue my journey and to be of service to those clients searching for guidance. I offer Astrology and Cards of Truth Readings. The sessions take place in person (at the office), via phone, over the internet, or they can be non-interactive where the client receives a voice recorded answer, if requested.  

Amit Bhat

Located in India

Available by Internet (Google Meet, Skype, Zoom).

e-mail: I consider myself very fortunate by studying Vedic Astrology from Ernst Wilhelm from many years to understand life from the lens of Vedas. It has been an exciting learning for me because continuous self improvement has been my key priority in life and my birth chart has served as a mirror to see accurately what needs to be improved. Sri Yukteswar said "Learn to behave". Birth Chart helps us understand our bad lajjitadi avasthas which screw us and make our life miserable and those can be consciously worked upon and improved . It also enables us to see our evolutionary path in a better light that we want to embrace so as to make our lives enjoyable. I have realized that remedies like Baach Flowers, Gems, Mantras can help us heal significantly and thus help us to take charge of our kingdom of life positively. We can also come to terms with the path we are meant to traverse on earth with a healthy perspective. May God's light shine through us. Aum Shanti.

Beth Lim

Located in Malaysia

Available by Skype (in English or Korean)

Being a double Scorpio Lagna with few ‘intense’ Yogas, I have always felt the limits of earth’s constraints expressed in human embodiment. There must be something more than this bones and flesh. That kind of unusual and obsessive nature has alienated me from my peers, family and culture. Finding a solace in Indian mysticism, I became a TM teacher (Korea) in the early 90s, and eventually went to the US to live, study and search further. That’s where I met KN Rao who had just begun his astrological mission. My husband and I hosted and cared for him a few times, and I learned astrology fast under his direct guidance. Inspired by his lifetime dedication to the Divine, I absorbed fully his staunch approach to astrology.

In the late 90’s, I relocated to my husband’s home country Malaysia, and set up a Yoga center. While teaching Yoga full time for livelihood, I continued my astrological study and practice on a pro bono basis. While able to advise others with my intuitive astrological gifts, my own life was not unfolding according to the astrological map, even after almost 2 decades of astrological involvement. I finally cracked. Deeply wounded and disappointed on all levels of my being, I fell into the darkest night of the soul.

But as they always say, after the storm, comes the rainbow. That is where I got to know Ernst Wilhelm work on Tropical Vedic Astrology. This system allows me to experience the Divine blueprint aligning itself beautifully with individual human fate and destiny. The Scorpion’s tenacity runs deep in my veins and I’ve decided to translate Ernst’s Vault of the Heavens into Korean and comments upon the book further. This resulted in a 3-vol set of books which are still in print in Korea. I wanted to do something for my motherland.

My passion in life is to convey the divine grandeur into human expressions beyond dogmatism. Only by being truly free, we can embrace life with more love, wisdom, enthusiasm, dignity and gratitude. For now, I use astrology as a limb (anga) to bring my lifetime experiences and realizations as a cultivator (sadhak) to guide others. May our paths cross in this vast journey.

Neeshee Pandit

Located in Kauai, Hawaii

Available by phone, skype or in person.

Phone: (808)-652-6672


I was born in America, but my family is from India. Growing up around my family and grandparents, I quickly became bilingual and also had early-life exposure to the Vedic sciences. My grandfather was a well-known palmist--and his father was an astrologer. My mother told me that people would frequently come to their home in India to receive palmistry readings from him. My great uncle was a renowned psychic and palmist. Though I had met him as a young boy, I only met him once as a grown man. The reading he gave me at that time remains one of the most powerful and defining experiences of my life. Although he was often described as a palmist, my great uncle did not really read palms--he used them as a touch-point. He placed a finger on my palm, and without looking at it, began to tell me things about myself, including profound experiences I had never spoken of with anyone. He was a true seer who showed me what it means to have real vision.

It comes as no surprise that I would be deeply drawn to the Vedic sciences of Ayurveda and Jyotisha. In 2016, I graduated from the California College of Ayurveda with degrees as an Ayurvedic Health Educator and Ayurvedic Health Practitioner. After graduating, I continued my pursuits in Ayurvedic medicine under Vaidya R.K. Mishra, the lineage holder of the ancient Shaka Vansya Ayurveda lineage that can be traced to the time of Lord Krishna nearly 5,000 years ago.

I began my study of astrology with Dr. David Frawley, from who I received certification in Ayurvedic Astrology. I also became a student of Pt. Sanjay Rath, an astrologer who descends from the lineage of the revered Achyutananda Das. Eventually, I had the great fortune to discover the work of astrologer, Ernst Wilhelm, who I consider to be my primary teacher. His unique approach and profound understanding of Vedic astrology has been deeply influential and illuminating for me. Truly, I am a life-long learner and the world of Jyotisha is bottomless. It is my hope that the profound knowledge of these ancient sciences be utilized in service to others and become an inherent part of people's lives, as they once were in ancient days.

For the past six years, I have been living on the garden isle of Kauai, Hawaii at the ashram of my Spiritual Master, Avatar Adi Da Samraj, where I serve as a priest and astrologer. Spiritual practice is thus a profound and principal dimension of life that deeply informs my approach to astrology and healing. With gratitude for the blessings of my Guru and all my teachers, I look forward to sharing the light of Jyotisha with you.

Carmina Amza

Located in Romania

Available by Skype or email.

Fascinated with the occult from an early age, started formally taking astrology classes in 2013. Studying Vedic Astrology and Cards of Truth with Ernst Wilhelm since 2016. Will use these knowledge tools to provide you with a deeper understanding of your life path and soul purpose, as well as to answer specific concerns.


Laura Barat 

Channing Ayers

Located in Asheville, North Carolina, USA

Available by phone or internet.

Phone: 828-782-4740

Ever since I can remember, astrology has been a part of my life. My mother studied astrology and pursued it with a passion. I was always around her endless piles of hand drawn charts and towers of astrology books, listening to the descriptions of planets, the houses, and the signs as she studied and explored astrology everyday. I was fascinated by the endless mysteries of existence, and It was inevitable that her love of astrology was passed on to me. Along with my own independent study, my path in college centered around a degree in human development with an emphasis on Jungian based psychology. Exploring the endless depths of human consciousness, psychology, archetypes, symbols, philosophy, mythology, religions, and spirituality provided a strong foundation for my becoming an astrologer, and added deeper understanding to my on-going love of astrology.

Throughout the years, my life has been focused on studying, researching, and practicing these astrological techniques in a grounded and comprehensible way which can help people find pathways towards harmony in this life. I feel blessed to have a foundation of astrological understanding given to me early on, and continue to learn from so many wonderful teachers along the way. I am especially grateful for the teachings of Ernst Wilhelm. Through his dedication to teaching astrology in such a thorough, logical, and practical way he has added invaluable gains of understanding to the field of astrology.

I believe Astrology is an amazing resource for each persons individual quest for balance and self understanding. It provides a blueprint of our potential for more self awareness, personal transformation, and healing. Please contact me through email or phone if you are interested in more information about receiving a reading with me.  


Zumrut Dolen

Located in Istanbul, Turkey 

Astrological Readings

Astrology is a necessary tool of techniques to receive answers along our journey, and also it is the utmost way of communicating with the Creator, God, the Truth. This innate feeling urging me to seek towards the Truth has always helped me to be around the guidance of the right souls. I am studying Jyotish, the art and science of Vedic Astrology, from the teachings of Ernst Wilhelm whom I trust his wisdom, hard work and intelligence which he has dedicated his life to understanding, decoding and testing the ancient knowledge so that he can pass on to his students, therefore, share with the world. He has carved his imprint in this era and affected the lives of millions in a beneficial way. I pray to his Shakti and dear wife, Srishti Wilhelm every day as much as I pray for him. I am highly grateful to them

I also have a website in Turkish where I write about the omens in life, frequencies, sound healing and astrology. I write articles and make interviews for a popular periodical magazine called Pozitif (Positive) published in Turkey.

Laura Barat 

Laura Barat

Located in Colorado, USA

Available by phone or internet.

Phone: 970-406-0708

I first became interested in astrology while living in Los Angeles in 1997. This interest was prompted by my current spiritual path which was Kriya Yoga. It was recommended to us that we wear a bracelet of gold, silver and copper to “placate the planets”. Piquing my interest, I had to discover more. My first astrology books were “Saravali” and “Brihat Parasara Hora Sastra”. A few years later, I attended the American College of Vedic Astrology, where I received a diploma and met my mentor, Ernst Wilhelm. From him I learned Vedic Astrology with the Tropical Zodiac in addition to a plethora of techniques for delineating a horoscope. These techniques are based upon two Hindu astrological texts, “Brihat Parasara Hora Sastra” or BPHS for short, and “Jaimini Sutram”. Astrology is such a powerful tool to discover the Self and the workings of our physical, emotional and spiritual bodies, on which we can apply this sacred knowledge to simultaneously improve, understand and accept ourselves and our sojourn here on Earth.


Mathias Shrimantaha

Located in Belgium

Available via Skype, e-mail or phone


Mathias always had a keen interest in other cultures. As a child he'd been fascinated by astronomy. A few years back, a friend put him onto Vedic Astrology, which he discovered to be “the missing link.” This discovery immediately turned into a fanatical hobby and sent him on a journey that would also bring him in contact with Ayurveda.

He's currently studying Ayurveda (in Ghent). His ultimate goal is to integrate Vedic astrology with Ayurveda, and to continue his research in the domain of medical astrology. He analyzes your chart to find your personal deities and your family deities (according to Jaimini). Based upon this analysis, he gives you the appropriate mantras. At one point, Mathias realized just how powerful these mantras can be: they can be used as a tool to fill the voids that are apparent in one's chart.

Mathias can deliver your reading in the following languages: English, Dutch or French.


Ganesh Jayakumar

Located in Stockholm, Sweden

Available by phone or in person

My ancestor’s hail from Ayodhya, present state of Uttar Pradesh that is believed to be Rama Janma Bhoomi (the birth place of Sri Rama who is an incarnation of Vishnu). Their ancestral lineage belongs to the Varathantu Maharishi Gotra. Maharishi Varathantu is believed to be the Kulapati (head of a lineage) of a Gurukula in Pratishtapur and Raghu who was the forefather of Sri Rama is said to have reigned as the King during that time period.

I am a scientific researcher by profession and practice Jyothish as a secondary profession. I have been studying astrology for over 6 years and student of Ernst Wilhelm since 2 years (as of August 2015).I have over 4 years experience in reading birth charts and my goal is to direct you towards self-realisation. Please make sure to visit my website to get a list of various services that you can avail. With respect to readings, I don’t believe in quantity but would like to give importance to quality of work. My current focus is predominantly on researching new techniques of prediction and testing already documented techniques to qualify and quantify this great esoteric knowledge. Since all this takes place adjacent to my professional research career, there is very little time to do many readings. However, during a relaxed weekend I am able to handle 1-2 charts at best. Due to my busy professional work schedules, I am only available for online consultation. You will receive your reading as an mp3 file or document and all correspondence will be via email.

 Michael Reed

Located in the United Kingdom

Available by phone, skype and web conference which allows you to see your chart.

Phone (Toll Free USA): 1866-503-8612


The focus of my work is in assisting my clients in discovering and living from the Authentic Self, thereby aligning their own soul’s rhythm in harmony with the Pulse of the Universe. As a Counselling Astrologer and Writer with over twenty years of experience in the astrological field, I have shared my gift with hundreds of clients worldwide. Among many of the distinguishing factors of my astrological work is a profound integration of the Outer Planets; Uranus, Neptune and Pluto, with a penchant for understanding their energies when transiting the Lunar Mansions of Vedic Astrology. Through an interactive dialogue with my clients, I foster a journey through their own personal astrology shedding light on gifts and bringing gentle attention to weaknesses so that they may be transformed into potential and power. To do so, I may offer remedial recommendations to help the individual to harmonise with specific planets. The key to the conscious use of astrology lies in self-acceptance and the understanding of unique karmic opportunities with which we may be faced at any given moment in time. With consciousness comes the gift of Truth, all you have to do is to unwrap the present.

Bill Kvashay

Located in Pennsylvania

Available by phone or internet.

Ryan Kurczak 

Ryan Kurczak

Located in Asheville, NC

Available by phone or internet.

Phone: 828-423-6636

My goal as an astrologer, is to help you live a life of peace, success and Self-actualization.  By ascertaining the various strength's and weaknesses within the horoscope, I endeavor to share a vision of possibilities, while providing realistic and accurate assessments of the planetary influences throughout your life, and how to work with them optimally.  The majority of my clients enjoy life purpose sessions, ayurvedic health analysis, business partnership compatibility, romantic compatibility, astrological healing recommendations, and proper timing of life's important events.