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Longevity I

In ancient days, longevity predictions were one of the first things an astrologer did so as to insure that they would not predict anything beyond the person’s length of life. While appearing dire, and thus many astrologers refrain from learning this aspect of astrology, longevity predictions can be extremely useful. In most cases it is not helpful to notify a client of thier time of death, however, in the event of a severe disease or life-threatening accident where relatives are concerned about the possible death of the individual, an accurate longevity prediction can often ease their fears. The techniques used to determine time of death are also very helpful in medical astrology for predicting whether a disease will improve or not. My favorite aspect of longevity predictions is that dealing with traumatic births that threaten the life or wellbeing of the child – using these techiques the astrologer can often ease the parents fears with a positive prediction or urge them to caution in the care of their child if its longevity is indeed threatened.

In this longevity course we will first tackle the rules for determining infant fatality or early death. Following that we will cover the rules for determining length of life and time of death using Nakshatra dasas and Maraka “killer” Grahas. This will be drawn out course of which I will do one section at a time beginning with infant mortality and will conclude with instructions on using Varshaphala solar returns and trigger transits to predict the time of death. Needless to say, this is a very advanced course that requires very clear judgement.

This course is 6 hours long and contains a manual and all charts required for the course.


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