Shadbala and Spashta Bala

Seven Facets of the Planets

Shad Bala consists of many calculations and each of the individual Shad Bala components has something important to say about a planet. Thus looking carefully into a planets Shadbala should be done before even beginning to look at the aspects or conjunctions a planet may have. In this course we will demonstrate how Shad Bala reveals:

This Jyotish course consists of eight 2-hour astrology classes, extensive manual, all class charts and self-check homework. Available as MP3 Download:

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"I just wanted to give you a big thank you for all the great information I learned in your Shadbala class. I have given about a dozen free Shadbala readings now, as a way to practice the technique and also pass on the gift of your very reasonably priced class. The response to these readings has been amazing. Old clients have said it is better than the regular natal chart readings they have gotten. New clients are immediately scheduling additional paid readings. I never realized that I could make more money by giving things away for free! Now I am working on how I can integrate the Shadbala stuff with the basic natal chart interpretation, so that everyone gets a little Shadbala in their first reading. I am continuing to offer the Shadbala reading to clients at half-off my regular rate, because I think it is such a valuable tool, it does not take as much preparation as a natal chart reading, and it is a great entry point for people new to Vedic astrology. Thanks again for all you do!"
- D. R. Seattle, WA