Classical Muhurta

Learn How to Select the Most Favorable Moment

by Ernst Wilhelm

Muhurta (known as electional astrology in the West), the astrological science of choosing a favorable moment to begin an activity such as marriage, travel, buying a house, etc. is perhaps one of the most demanding tasks placed upon an astrologer. It is here that the astrologer assumes the most responsibility in the clients life. Through this Vedic Astrology book, Classical Muhurta, you will gain a thorough understanding of Muhurta principles and confidently learn how to select the most favorable moment available in which to perform any event. In fact, Classical Muhurta, is the only Muhurta text that tells you exactly what each and every Muhurta component does, so you will finally learn what the Nakshatra, Tithi, Karana, Yoga, Vara, Nadika, Hora and all the rest actually do.

Classical Muhurta

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Classical Muhurta
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Also available is an Audio course that follows this book. This course includes the Classical Muhurta book in PDF format as well.

Classical Muhurta
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