Ayanamsa and Vedic Astrological Calculations

In this class we will discuss pertinent information relative to the Ayanamsa, Nakshatras and the Rasis. This will be an astronomically centered class during which I will discuss the results of my researches into these most paramount astrological topics, which are the very foundation of the science.

I discuss some very controversial issues in this class, some of which may cause you to revisit your horoscope in an entirely new way. If you would like to discuss your chart or any other charts that you may be testing for purposes of seeing which calculations are more accurate, please feel to call me (760-420-5648) or Email Me and we can set up a time to discuss it. I am offering this service free of charge because I consider the calculations that us astrologers use to be of greatest importance and so I am always happy to discuss them or to examine charts in light of the different calculation possibilities.

Before you listen to this class, make sure you read the following article and download the following diagrams, otherwise the class will not make much sense.

Mystery of the Zodiac Article

Nakshatra Diagram

Nakshatra Day


Ayanamsa and Rasis Class (To listen to this Free Jyotish Class, click on link to listen right away, or right click on the link and select Save Target As to save it to your computer for future listening.)

What exactly are the Nakshatras? How are they different than Rasis?

What exactly are the Rasis?

What Ayanamsa is both scientifically sound and works best in practice?

What types of Vedic Years are there and which should be used for what purpose,  including what works best for Dasa calculation?