Predictive Astrology Courses

"Parashara Methods of Prediction"

Predictive astrology methods can be roughly broken down into three types: Global Techniques, Specific Techniques and Yogas.

A Global Technique is a set of rules of analyzing the horoscope that can be applied ot all areas of life. For instance, the same principles are applied to the 5th house as to the 7th house to determine 5th and 7th house matters. One good Global Technique allows the astrologer to analyze any and all areas of life to a high degree of accuracy. Brihat Parashara Hora Shastra provides the king of Global Techniques in the form of Five Avasthas, or Planetary Conditions. A course on these will be taught at beginning October 2013 - which course will also be rendered into audio and available here when complete.

A Specific Technique is a set of rules that applies to only one area of life. For instance, a set of rules is used to judge children, and only children. Another completely different set of rules will be used for judging marriage, and only marriage. Jaimini Sutras is the sourcebook of all great Specific Techniques all of which are much more accurate and useful than any Specific Techniques found elsewhere. Please see my Jaimini Courses for more on Jaimini.

Yogas are planetary permutations that attach the indiviudal to specific events and effects. There are many, many Yogas worth learning, but what is intergral to using Yogas accurately is knowing how to evaluate Yogas. Brihat Parashara Hora Shastra provides very precise calculations for evaluating Yogas. Many Yogas and how to evalaute them in accordance with Brihat Parashara Hora Shastra are taught in my Parashara's Formula for Judging Yogas Course available at Audio renderings of that course will be available here soon. 

Parashara's Formula for Yoga Judgment

In this course I teach how to analyze Yogas using the mathematical principles from Brihat Parashara Hora Shastra. Not all Yogas are created equal and it is the strengths of the planets that determine this. One of my favorite things that I cover in this course is the mysterious Nature of House Lords, how planets become benefic or malefic based on the Lagna in the chart. Using these principles you can determine the greatness of a person and see if they are more active in Artha (material wellbeing), Kama (desire), Dharma, or Moksha (freedom from material living.) In this course I will cover:

Parashara's 144 Bhava Yogas.

Nature of House Lords

Angle and Trine Yoga Karakas

Artha Yogas for acquiring wealth, Moksha Yogas for spirituality, Dharma Yogas for inspiration and greatness and Kama Yogas for fulfilling desires.

Vipareet Yogas - or how evil planets can become a great thing in your chart.

Karaka Yogas

How to Evaluate the important named Yogas such as Gajekesari Yoga, Parijitha Yoga, Sri Kantha Yoga, etc.

Ishta & Kastha, Subha and Asubha Dignities and Dig Bala to evaluate the strength of a Yoga.

This course is approximately 35 hours long and thus a very complete course after which you will be able to make a reading of a horoscope using Yogas. Course includes an extensive ebook manual and digital copies of all the charts used in the class.

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Lajjitaadi Avasthas - The Heart of Parashara

In this course I expand on the meanings of the Lajjitaadi Avasthas. This course consists of 99 classes where I explain the effects of every possible Lajjitaadi Avastha.

This course is not very visual so a good course to listen to, but its also available on vidoe at

Course includes an extensive ebook manual and digital copies of all the charts used in the class.

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Download MP3 Course 1.2 GB 108.00
We welcome Phone Orders: 760-420-5648