Interpreting Planets

There are several ways that planets are interpretated. Planets in signs, planets conjunct planets, etc. Shad Bala, one very important method of interpretating planets has been taught in the Shad Bala course. Here other methods will be taught.

Interpreting Avasthas

Brihat Parashara Hora Sastra is unique in that it does not gives results for planets in signs or planets conjunct planets as do other inferior texts. Rather than giving cookbook interpretations as do the other texts, Brihat Parashara Hora teaches various Avasthas, or planetary conditions, that allow the astrologer to make profound interpretations for any and all planetary positions and permutations. In this course I will interpret planets in signs and planets joined and aspected by planets following the principles of the Avasthas. In this course I will cover three types of Avasthas along with all their meanings:

The course consists of over 20 hours of interpretataions: what does it mean when the Moon influences Venus, what does it mean with Saturn joins Mars, what does it mean when Saturn is in Cancer, etc. etc. This course is all you need to know to do a profound reading and with the help of the Lajjitaadi Avastha interpretations you will be able to explain people's nature and behaviour better than most practicing astrologers out there.

I consider this course a Must Study course and only wish that I had been taught this when I started studying astrology as the Avasthas principles are the core or Parashara's teachings.

This astrology course consists of 22 approximatialy 1 hour Jyotish classes, for a total of about 20 hours of material, a manual and all class charts. This is the same course I taught on video at, now available on MP3 CD, or MP3 Download:

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